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((Sorry for not posting in so long, I just kept forgeting and procrastinating. Okay, smuggling a shotgun into the hospital...Just keep in mind that some of the doctors are informants for the Hokusha Clan and are keeping a close eye on the three of us. So at least make it seem like it's difficult to do things like smuggling in shotguns.))

New Character

Name: Claire Stryker
Age: 412
Gender: Felame
Human or Vampire: Vampire
Clan: Hokusha
Appearence: short straight blonde hair, the cutline at her jaw line. Medium lean build. Dresses in tight black leather complete with buckled boots and trenchcoat. Has a red tatoe of a raven on her back reaching from shoulderblade to shoulder blade about nine inches long.

Personality: She is quiet and almost depressed. More negative than posative but not completely unhappy.

Brief History: She was turned at a young age, she never knew her parrents and holds some bitterness towards that. She grew up in the Clan and became a skilled fighter and deadly killer. She spent the last few hundred years doing very dangerous missions and assassinations, now the clan asked her to go to the newest Clan territory.

Likes/Dislikes: Partying, danger / normal people, society

Strengths/Weaknesses: Physically strong, skilled fighter / emotional problems, low value for life


Claire was woken up early, it was in the evening and the sun was still up. Still she was needed. Her commander informed her about the situation in which three scouts did not return and their corpses had been found. Claire was in charge of investigating the matter and would be given several scouts and humans to command.

First off some suspects were in the hospital and needed to be questioned. Then those who were responsible would be taken to the Clan house where their punishment would be excecuted.

Claire set off right away, using underground passages to stay out of the sun. She headed for the hospital.

In the meantime Carth had been questioned by the nurses and nothing substantial could be found other than he was involved but not responsible for the Clan deaths. The other two patients would need to be questioned as well.

After the nurse left Carth tried to stand up, he felt like he was going to fall over and had to hold onto the railing on the side of his bed. This was no good, how long would he be in here? And what happened the night before? It didn't make sense. His mind was swirling and Carth decided to go back to bed.

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