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Tales of SYmphonia ((Has one MINOR spoiler))

This RPG is based off of the Tales game, Tales of Symphonia! I rented this game for two weaks, and fell in love with it! Baseicley, you wander around communicate with players, become stronger, choose a profession, if you are S or T, and master devestateing moves! S and T just determine if you like combos, or if you are slower and do devestateing moves! S is devestate, T is quick. Anyway, you can travel between Sylverant and Te'the'alla with Rheiards. Unfortuneatley, I can't draw a map of the lands right now.

1) No Char Killing
2) No language (swearing and unapproipreate language)
3) No God Modeing ((Char controlling, being immortal, etc))

Char Creation:
Age: ((It doesn't have to be your exact age, just what age you look like, like yo ucan be 145, and look 27.))
Class: (Magic Swordsman, axe man, swordsman, mage, etc))
Race: ((Elf, Human, or Half ELf. A Half Elf is onje of your parents was a human, and one an elf, or one of you're parents was a half elf.))

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