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Chapter 3

Tara walked into a battlefield. She could see many different types of people and she looked around to find Max. There was a lot off noise. She looked for a few seconds, but then a sword came down from above her head. She dodged it and shouted “STOP PROGRAM!”
The whole battle disappeared to leave a small grey room, all that was left was Tara who was still in her school uniform and Max in silver armour made out of thick iron. His eyes were covered with a visor, which had a silver border and had a red inside, where his eyes were. Max had iron trousers and his neck, arms, hands, legs and feet were completely covered.
“What happened?” said Max to himself, then he saw Tara. “Oh, you don’t have to ask if you want to join in.”
“They are here!” Said Tara angrily.
“What?” Asked Max shocked, “Who’s here?”
“The ships are on their way.”
“Let’s go!” Cried Max running to the wall and teleported to the main bridge, where he’d been a few minutes before.
Max ran and looked over Zamler’s shoulder to look at the computer screen.
He ran over to another computer and pushed a few buttons to bring up the same screen as Zamler and Ponray had on their screen, but with coloured numbers on them that constantly changed.
The grey ones were the distances from the Hiker Dragon, the red ones were the speed and the yellow ones were the size, (this was the only one that stayed the same). The numbers were around the ships on the screen. Then Max pushed another button and on a large screen on the wall at the front of the wall the room.
All four of them looked at the screen, they were all thinking it, but only one said it.
“That’s not good!” said Tara, “I’m going to holographics.”
“No, stay here,” insisted Max, “I’ll go. Tara, Zamler, get to your ships and get those fighters. Pon, stay here and keep us reported on the latest news. Also Pon, we need the boards ready.” He ordered “Even if they’re just prototypes, we need the boards.
They all agreed quickly. Max, Tara and Ponray teleported to their designated place.

Tara and Zamler teleported to the hanger and jumped into their Fighters. The Fighters were small one-man jets. They were all based on the design of an X Wing from Starwars (they may have powers, but they are still kids. Ideas have to come from somewhere) but they were each personalised for the easiest flight. Although they called them Fighters officially, they mainly called them ‘ships’.
Tara and Zamler jumped into the cockpit of their ships and Tara opened a 4-way communication channel with several places – Zamler’s ship, Max in holographics and Ponray in the ship. Zamler did the same, but to Tara’s ship.
“Open the force field.” Requested Tara to Ponray.
“Good luck you two.” Came a voice to both ships – it was Ponray. “Shield open,” the glowing blue wall disappeared, “Go get ‘em.”
The two planes hovered off the ground for a moment and then flew out of a gap where the force shield had been.
Max teleported into a room similar to the virtual reality room from before. It was small and bare, it had grey walls and a small computer panel. Max walked over to the panel and pushed a few buttons. The whole room became a 3D view of the battle outside the ship.
Max walked quickly to a chair in the centre of the room. He sat down and picked up the two devices on either side of him. They were controls to the main guns on the ship, the guns on the ship were next to each other, but they could move independently. Max got a buzz through, this was a communication channel from Tara and Zamler. He pushed a button and opened the channel.
He opened the channel and he could hear Ponray, Tara and Zamler talking.
“Open the force field.” Requested Tara to Ponray.
“Good luck you two. Shield open, Go get ‘em.”
Max looked and saw the two ships flying over the field, where the army was. They were fighting in space, but the army was in England. It was in a forest, but someone had seen them and reported it to the police. Then the media got the story and it had been leading up for about two days – now it was time to fight.
They would have fought earlier, but the army had had a force field around it. Max had gone into a battle once before when the enemy had a force field around them, Tara had nearly been killed.
They had been firing at it, waiting for it to weaken. It didn’t and the army ran through the shield and they were not expecting it. Max always remembered past battles in his tactics, he knew Maven did.
Max held the devises ready to use them. They were small and grey, they had a button on the top which fired the guns. They were wireless and light, this made it perfect for their job.
Max looked at the battle and decided this one would be better done standing up. He pushed a button on the control pad of the chair and it vanished.
“I hope the guns are ready, because I sure am!” called Max down the com link.
Ponray replied down her link, “The guns are ready, good luck.” She was sitting in the bridge, she was at the front computer so she could get a better view of the main screen. She had not bothered to get changed from he uniform. She was the eyes and ears of the battle at the moment and she didn’t bother with trivial things now, like what she was wearing.
Zamler was in his ship and had just started firing at enemy ships, “Well don’t hit us.” He said when he heard Max and Ponray talking.
“Don’t worry, I won’t” Said Max, “I’ve never hit you before have I?”
“You nearly got me once,” said Tara, “it was only my ship’s auto dodging that I survived.”
“Why do you think we have the dodging devices?” Asked Max, “And besides, we got through this every time, oh and Zam, good shot there.”

Zamler and Tara were in battle and were flying through and shooting at similar ships to theirs. The main difference was the kid’s were slightly longer and silver and shot from two guns at the front of their ships and one gun at the back, all three guns could be controlled on their own or all together – like the guns Max was controlling. The enemy ships were three different types:
One was very thin, disked shaped and very hard to hit. It shot from all sides around the ship. It was a dark green colour with red stripes. These were the ships of the Ninja Troopers.
The second ship was shaped like a sphere and could also shoot from all angles around the ship, they were white and had very thick armour. These were the ships of Lyon’s Wolfmen.
The third type were very similar to the kid’s, they had a cockpit the shape of a triangle with rounded ends and wings spanning about a meter each. They have an extra rear gun and thicker shielding. The main difference was the colour – these were brown, the kids were silver. These ships belonged to Maven’s army.

Max looked around and saw the two ships flying around and blowing up other ships. The one thing that Max could be happy about is that his two friends were well trained and in ships that were perfect for them. The enemies they were fighting, except for the Ninja’s were all hardly trained and in a standard ship. This gave them a slight advantage in a normal battle, but in one like this where they are outnumbered around twenty thousand to two, they had a hard time.
Max thought about this for a moment, when he realised this was why he had to start shooting.
“Ok,” he said to himself, “let’s go.” He put his hands in front of him and said down the com channel, “Watch out, because here they come.”
He aimed and pushed down the triggers rapidly and could see the enemy ships outside being shot by the plasma shots coming out of the guns he was controlling and blown up.

Max was never sure what plasma was until he got his powers and his first plasma gun, he always knew of it in science-fiction, but only ever looked into it when it mattered to him. He looked in a dictionary and it said ‘An electrically neutral, highly ionised gas composed of ions, electrons, and neutral particles. It is a phase of matter distinct from solids, liquids, and normal gases.’ In simpler terms – A powerful thing to shoot at people.

Tara was in her ship and was controlling it with a small computer panel and a joystick that had three buttons on it – one was red, one green and one blue. The red one fired plasma lasers from the guns, the green one gave a boost of speed and the blue on is one puts up shields. The joystick itself controlled the flight of the ship.
The computer controlled everything else, it was not a computer with a keyboard – it had a buttons and controls. These controlled things such as which guns fired and autopilot, if it were on or the com channels. Anything not controlled by the joystick in the ship, was controlled by the computer.
Tara shot at the disk she was firing at, when her wing got shot. “I’m hit!” she called through the com channel. “My left wing is hit and my shields are down. Mayday! Mayday!” She shouted.
“Keep fighting,” replied Zamler, who had just blown up one of the spheres. “I’ll be right there.” He flew over to help Tara, but got hit himself. “I’m hit too! Max I can’t see them, give me a hand.”
“That’s what I’m here for,” Said Max, who had been firing in the holographics room for several minutes now, “but, I can’t see them, not where they would be for the shot’s your getting.”
Ponray was at the computer surveying the battle from the computer. While Tara and Zamler had the first hand view and Max could see things through holographics, Ponray had the most knowledge of the battle. “They could be cloaked.” She said.
If a thing was cloaked, it was shielded from sight and any sensors – unless they knew it was there. If you knew there was a cloaked ship, you could change the sensors to find it, although it would still be impossible to see it with your eyes.
A cloaking device hides a ship, or object, by vibrating a very high frequency, this hides it from the eyes, the shields are done by using other technology, that is too hard explain now.
“They might be cloaked,” said Tara, “that would explain the strange flight manoeuvres they’ve been doing. But it’s irrelevant now, I need to land, I can’t keep flying.”
“I’ll come down with you.” Said Zamler, “Max, Pon, wanna join us?”
“I’ll be right there.” Said Max enthusiastically. He ran to the wall and pushed a few buttons on the control panel and the walls turned a bare grey again. He pressed his hand on the teleporter and went to the main bridge again.
“You coming?” He asked Ponray as he walked over to one of the computers.
“I’ll come down to help if you need it,” she answered, “The ship still needs protecting, remember?”
“Good luck,” Max said, as he started to feel slightly nervous. He was about to teleport himself down with his WCD.
Suddenly a scream came down the com channel – it was Tara. "Help,” she cried. “My ship has crashed. I’m in the middle of the battlefield. Give me a hand some one. If they start attacking me, my shields won’t hold for long.”
“I’m on my way!” Came Zamler’s voice, “I can see you. I’ll take down some of the guys around you and give you time to get out of your ship.”
“Out? I’m staying in.” She replied.
“You’ll have to get out to fight Tara.” Said Zamler angrily.
Max listened to this. “Ok, I’m coming down.” He pressed several buttons on his WCD and was in the middle of the battle, right next to Tara’s fighter. He was wearing his clothes, but then his whole body glowed a greeny-yellow colour for about half a second and he was wearing his armour (they could all do this – change their amour with out physically putting it on).
He got out his sword from its scabbard in his belt. It was golden on the blade with a sliver-coloured hilt. He watched the army that had encircled them and was ready if any of them moved towards them.
“Quickly,” he whispered to Tara, “get out.” Just then Zamler’s fighter flew low and started firing at the army around Max and Ponray.
The shots were turquoise coloured and the people that they hit disappeared instantly.
When a member of most of the armies that the teenagers fought died, or were so near death, they would disappear and reappear where at their main base. Then they would be healed and put back into action. Disappearing was instant, but the healing process took many hours per person. The group had only been in one battle where the enemies who had been killed had come back into the army and fought again.
Tara got out of her ship and stood next to Max. “So now what?” she asked Max as she went into her armour, it was the same as Max’s but her sword was regular – silver coloured blade as well as silver coloured hilt. Both Tara and Max’s swords were made of iron.
“Zamler,” he spoke into his WCD and into the com channel, “get down here. We’ve got an army to fight.”
Zamler landed his ship next to Tara’s and got out quickly, he got into his armour and pulled out his sword. He stood next to Max and Tara.
Zamler’s armour was similar to Max and Tara’s, but it was all a wooden brown (but it was still made of the iron) and had a helmet instead of the visor. The helmet was shaped so it covered from the back of his neck to his forehead, but his eyes showed. It had a pattern of flames around it, which where indented in the iron.
The three of them where now standing in armour, surrounded by an army larger and stronger than they had ever fought before and they all expected to die, but knew they would not. They could not explain it, but they each knew that the army was not there to kill them, there was a deeper purpose.



bye all

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