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(( She hasn't been captured yet. This prologue thread is to tell how they were captured. Jokemaster, starting in the Auxilia is fine, though he would have received Auxilia training, and be equipped with a oval shield, and a spear, Auxilia infantry stood in line formations, and were often used as...well, fodder to soften up the enemy. They were disciplined troops however. Well trained.

A picture of an Auxilia infantryman:

The Legion:


The Legion had moved the Auxilia infantry to the front of the army, as was mandatory. There orders were to hold the line at all costs, and die defending there positions if necessary. Deserters would be found, and killed.

"Lock shields!" The Generals voice thundered. The Auxilia quickly headed his call, locking there oval shields close together, with the ends of there spears sticking out between them.

The Archers had prepared the first volley, and the Catapult had been drawn back.

Meanwhile, the Warlord has continued to scream to encourage his men. Finally, he rose his sword into the air, letting out one last scream, and thrusted it forward, signifying the Celts to charge.
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