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I've had the game two weeks, only just now saw the thread.

Peragus was good. I saw a lot of potential in the little things; improved cutscene animations, etc. Telos showed more of this, as well as some interesting plot twists (HK-50's). I had no real complaints with the planets; they weren't great, but they were OK. I liked most of them better than Manaan in KOTOR.

Everything wne downhill after going to the rebuilt Jedi Enclave. For starters, I think it would have been cooler to have the Jedi meet on Coruscant; it was the old center of the Jedi Council, as I understand. It would have been cooler than just reusing Dantooine again. I mean, they took the old maps and made some changes. Show me some innovation; "thorw me a fricking bone here." Then, we Kreai turned on me, I was all, "WTF?"

From there out, the plot made little sense. I absorbed and understood what was happeneing, but not why or how. KOTOR made snese. TSL didn't - not the first time through. All the bosses sucked. Malachor was all choppy and thrown together. I mean - what was the point of the Mira/Hanharr fight? What was the point of the remote scene? Why isn't there an ending cutscene that makes sense?

How come I spendthe whole game having fun making people Jedi and working w/ my party, and then they stuck me on my own at the end? /shakehead

I'll give it an 8/10 overall. I give the first part 9.5/10. I give the ending a 4/10.

And yes, it was way too easy.

And why do all the reviews say it takes 40 hours? I beat it in 20 hours the first time, no cheats. I looked up a walkthrough a couple times when I was stuck.

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