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Originally posted by Sabretooth
Dunno much, but I know that they were fought thousands of years ago and after the wars, the Republic was formed as a galactic trading company.
Now that's what I'm talking about! No one knows much about that period of time in the Galaxy and would be the perfect place to start comming up with new stuff like stories, Heros, Tyrants, Ships, Romance, what did Lightsabers look like, what was the Jedi Order all about, and where was the Council located if Corasant wasn't yet discovered. And also, what was the "True Sithari" before the Sith was actually just and Ideal?

Yes a good TY show would indeed be a good way to motivate story writers and George Lucas him self to start writing back-stories and chronicles, and the episodes of the HyperSpace wars that would begin every friday night at 9:00 PM on channel... whatever.

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