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(( Just one problem VikingLarz...Vampires aren't real! And Luke, please correct your profile. Only Rome had steel, and even it was not fully developed. Celtic people have only Iron, and sometimes there long swords will bend after a hard impact. ))

As the Celtic army slams into the Auxilia shield wall, there impact creating a thunderous noise, the skirmishing troops stationed directly behind them throw there first volley of javelins over the heads of the Auxilia, the throwing spears impaling many of the Celts who had amassed against the Auxilia shield wall.

A Briton spearman who was charging straight towards Edward was impaled through the heart by one of them. He screamed, clutching the javelin as it protruded from his heart, blood being spat up from his mouth, reaching up towards the trees...the moon, the nature he worshiped, before letting out his last gasp of life.

Roy had several guys in front of him as he charged, many of them being impaled onto the hail of javelins. But the worse had yet to come. Not but a few seconds after the first wave, flaming arrows rained down on the charging Celts, stabbing into there chests, lighting them ablaze.

Several of the charging Celts amazingly continued charging...whilst on fire! One headed straight for Edward, he was completely ablaze, but he continued to scream his war cry, swinging his two-handed sword overhead as he charged.

Another volley of javelins came, hitting the Celtic army hard once more, followed by another wave of arrows...and this time heavy firepots rained down on them as well! The firepots burst into flames, lighting the earth itself on fire, as well as sending many charging men into flames.

(( WJ what are you currently doing? Have you charged yet? ))
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