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Easy on the spoilers, people!!

Anyway, I am around level 12 now and am starting to make my mark on the galaxy...

Some more thoughts-

1. Atton's kind of growing on me. He doesn't seem to be as big of a jerk as I thought he would be.

2. I think there is some major plot foreshadowing coming up, especially with...
Kreia. She's always trying to get me to be Dark Side [I'm at something like 90% LS], and I get the feeling that I'm being used to further her own agenda. I mean, I know she's neutral [like Jolee in KOTOR1], but she's definetly the darker side of neutral with some of the stuff that's come out of her mouth.

3. The voiceacting is definetly not as good as KOTOR1. I wish some characters would just shut up sometimes, even if what they are saying is interesting. Is there an option for turning off voiceovers?

4. I do like the new inventory system...I just had to get used to it, that's all.

5. While there's been some griping about 'running back and forth', and what a general pain it is, I kind of like it. It makes me feel more involved in the world and everything that's happening, rather than Bob tells you to see Joe, who has problems of his own that have to be resolved before he can help you with Earl, et cetera et cetera...
I do like the way that when a quest is finished, you automatically teleport back to the person who need to see. That's a nice improvement from KOTOR.

6. I love the better options that we get. In KOTOR, it seems like there were two options for each quest. One was DS, one was LS. In this game, there are 3 or 4 possible endings. I especially liked the quest:

on Citadel station, with the guy who gambled away his girl. I 'saved' the girl for him, but then after getting her back to the guy, when she pitched a fit about going back, I told her she was free to go...and she walked out on him. That was GREAT! So like what might have happened in real life!!

Finally, They'd better make a dent on these graphics problems. There is no excuse for my ATi 9600 with 256 MB RAM to have to run TSL on 'low' settings with everything turned off. That is simply unacceptable - and I'm using the Omega 4.11 drivers too! GRRR!!!!

more to come when I get off...
Telos and Dantooine [my next stop

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