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Well, the game dropped in price by $10 for a week so I bought it. This coincided with a meltdown of my old computer, So I built a brand new computer to HL2 specifications (a 2.8 ghz athlon 64, a gig of ram, 1.2TB HD space, radeon 9600xt, brand new windows xp pro install). With such a system I thought that I could play KOTOR II without any issues.

I was wrong.

Start game, play for 30 minutes, crash. Sometimes all the walls would go away leaving my party walking in blackness, except for the doors and other "objects" and people in game (this actually made the harbinger look really freaky at one point, but moving on). After having this bug for a good 8 hours of gameplay, I became certain that the US government passed a law restricting the amount of time people could play computer games in the interests of their health. Thankfully I found out the problem was I downloaded microsoft's ATI driver rather than the one from ATIs website. Quick fix, on with the game. From what I have played, It is all awesome. Then I got to Dantooine. My computer dropped to 1 fps. Unplayable. Hopefully fixed in the upcoming patch.

In many ways, this game (and the original) reminds me of deux ex. great story, nice array of equipment to build and choose from, an awesome skill system, and item modifications (I love item modifications). It also shares the same amount of bugs that Deus Ex had though With dialog, sound fixes, and optimization for ATI cards, this will be a game that I will play again and again (or not, depending on the ending.)
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