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Woman: Thirty seconds. Go.




*A group of eight objects, in rings of four, streak down through the atmosphere*


Guy: One moment. *He touches his ear* Anomaly detected.


*The objects impact various parts of the beach, raising a cloud of sand that would've easily been seen if not for the all-covering fog.

If anyone had been able to see through the fog, might have also detected a slight shimmer appearing around the beach near the Asgardried immediately afterwards.*

Guy: *as the sound from the series of impacts echoes through the air* They're here.

K'Warra: No ****?


*The small objects, burrowed halfway into the sand, project a large blue circle of light above them. Eight blue circles. After an instant, eight figures emerged from the circles.*

Guy: *yelling* We're being attacked! Get up! *As he yelled, he fingered a small device on his arm.*

The first to emerge were the lizard-man and the gray-armored humanoid tank who had attacked the group as far back as Enoy, the wand-carrying elf, and the man in the white trenchcoat. The lizard-man carried a small crossbow. The tank carried his familiar halberd. The man in the white trenchcoat carried twin pistols.

Immediately afterwards, the two ork twins emerged, both carrying a gun. One carried a morningstar, the other apparently having not replaced her sword that Gortick had taken. This second twin immediately headed towards Gortick.

The last two were both gargoyles, the green, and the yellow-skinned one. The green-skinned gargoyle seemed to be carrying a mass of giant snakes writhing around his shoulders, and at each of his flanks was a large, feral-looking dog. The yellow gargoyle carried what looked like an entire weapons platform harnessed around his body.

The lizard-man immediately fires off his crossbow at Aidan, striking him from behind with a dart between the shoulder blades.

The man in the white trenchcoat fires off both his guns in continous blasts, the flashes making his position easy to see through the fog.

The gray-armored man barrels through the fog silently, heading towards Matt.

The wand-weilding elf points her metal stick at Hal. A ray of light streaks from it towards him*


((OOS: Admiral: The Drakes and the Asgardried are outside the force field that has just been conjured over the section of the beach containing pretty much everyone else who's outside.))

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