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"Fancy diplomatic moves?" Erica asked. Her eyes sparkled with laughter she would not allow to the surface. She approached a nearby ship and found that someone was in it. Smiling pleasantly, she spoke.

"Hello," she said. "We are three travellers who need a ship. Does yours happen to have enough room for us?"

"Get lost," the alien snarled. Erica laughed and Caitlin stepped forward. She waved a hand toward the creature's face.

"You sold this ship to us," she said slowly. The creature blinked and nodded slowly.

"I sold this ship to you," he said. He took a step away from it and Caitlin waved her hand in his face again.

"You traded it for a ship on platform 23," she said. He nodded and turned to go. He left the hangar and made his way to platform 23, where he found the ship the Jedi had used to get to Kamino. When he got there, he came to his senses and hissed. His ship had been stolen... by Jedi. He would report this to the Empire.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and Erica boarded the creature's ship, followed by Zamar.

"Next stop, Mantessa," Erica intoned. Caitlin nodded and said, "Let's go."

The ship rose and entered space. Minutes later, they were in hyperspace.

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