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"First thing's first," Tara said. "For Adam to believe I'm going with him by my own will, the rest of you are going to need to appear as prisoners of the CIA. Handcuffs, the whole thing. I can beg him to get me out of here and tell him that the rest of you are in deep trouble... not likely to get out alive. He'll leave you alone."

"Are you sure he'll leave us alone?" Jack demanded. "He may just shoot us and take the revenge he wants."

"If he does, hope he's a bad shot and act like it's worse than it is," Tara said.

"This really doesn't sound fun," Jack frowned. "Getting shot? Isn't there a..."

"Jack," Tara said suddenly. Jack followed Tara's gaze and saw Troezen. Tara rushed forward, tugging at the two men holding Troezen.

"Let him go," she said. "He's with us."

"Who are you?" one of the agents demanded, releasing Troezen and aiming his gun at Tara.

"I'm with Trent," she said quickly. "Troezen's with us."

The man looked to Trent for confirmation.

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