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(( Thatís fine WJ. Ohh, I had a mean idea. ))

Skirmishers quickly rushed to fill in the gaps of the shield wall. They weren't as well trained for the job as the Auxilia, but they were better than nothing.

Erin's wolf charged towards one of the Auxilia, the one who had been shouting, Edward. As he ordered the skirmishers to fill in the gaps, the wolf leaped forwards at him.

Roy's hand was now shattered, and he had several wounds on him. Punching a shield will do that to you. He had become somewhat of a focus for the area of the wall he was on, as many of the remaining Celts were either wounded or killed, more Auxilia were free to concentrate on him.

Arthur impaled one of the Auxilia when he charged for with his sword, however this caused his sword to snap.

Javelins, flaming arrows and firepots continued to rain down on the Celts the whole time. For every Auxilia that went down over 10 Celts died. Blood ran on the field, along side the charred corpses. Javelins impaled many of the Celts fighting up front, while the arrows and firepots would burn those out of spear range.

(( This next part only happens after you take care of the Wolf, Edward. ))

The Celtic warlord, having been putting up a brave fight up front, notices Edward barking out orders. With his lack of knowledge of how Roman armies work, he mistakes Edward for the enemy 'Warlord'! He stood around 7'2!

He charges towards Edward at full speed, swiping the head clean off of an Auxilia who had gotten separated from the wall on his way. As he drew close to Edward, he leaped into the air, his axe ready to lay into Edward.
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