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My New Projects

I got several new projects going on right now.

First one is my AT-TE that either LightNinja or NeoMarz will animate.

Next is my RAS, reskined for S-J-Cull's Geonosis Map.

Next is the Naboo Senatorial Barge that was destoryed at the beginning of EP II.

Next is a Trade Federation MMT.

Also Im working on a EP 3 Space Battles map that will be identical to siege_destoryer, except its ffa/tffa with the RAS instead of the destroyer, and a Droid Control Ship Hangar instead of the Rebel Hangar. Also being made for this map is: ARC-170 fighter, the 2 New Jedi Starfighters, Droid Bomber, and several others.

Also I am working on a new line of saber hilts.

And a Matrix Zap Gun.

And a Clone Trooper Sniper Rifle from SWBF.

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