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"Damn it Jake," Carth said as they ran, "You've got a broken arm and we're running away from a hospital. Where are we going to go anyway? This is crazy." Carth seemed doubtful.

Meanwhile a doctor came to Ethan's room and wispered something to Claire's partner.

Claire continued her conversation with Ethan, "There were reports of gunfire, and all three of these men that attacked you were found dead. Do you know who had these guns or where they came from?" Just then Claire's partner motioned to her, "Just one second Ethan," She said and slipped away to the doorway. There Claire and her partner exchanged words and Claire returned while her partner departed. "Okay, go on."

Claire's partner headed down to the lobby and dispatched three of their human soldiers, since it was still day and the vampires could not leave the hospital.

((Lets say it's in the afternoon.))

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