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Lisa regained consciousness in the hotel room and groaned. Danielle ordered David and Milo out of the room and hobbled over to the bed. (Remember, she has a broken leg right now)

"You're ok," Danielle said. "We'll help you."

She attended to Lisa's injury and gave her a new shirt.

"So who are you?" Lisa asked slowly. Danielle smiled.

"I'm Danielle Richardson," she said. "I'm a friend of Milo's. Call me Danni."

"And I guess you know who I am," Lisa sighed. "You probably aren't a fan of mine."

"Let me put it Milo's way," Danni said slowly, "we don't know if you're lying or not, but we can't just leave you to bleed to death."

"So what will it take for you to trust me?" Lisa asked. Danni shrugged.

"When you came to us, we were about to hack into Gary's computer," she said. "If you're still working with him, his computer will show record of it. If not, it won't."

"So are you going to do that soon?"

Danni shrugged. "I guess so. Let me call Milo and David back into the room."

She did so and all four of them gathered around the computer. Danni turned to David.

"Care to do the honors? Or should Milo?"

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