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Thumbs up RC Bugs?

I just finished the game and I think this game is the most bugless game I have ever played.

I encountered one instance of a bug that has been reported. A character getting stuck in a position near the end of the game. The only way I fixed it was by incaping them and reviving them but that was pretty much it. The other bug that I have heard of is weapons disappearing. I thought I ran into this one then realized they didn't disappear they run out of ammo and don't cycle tell you get more ammo. I could be wrong.

Not saying that there isn't other hidden things that you can run into that I didn't. I'm pretty happy with it and if SWBF had this level of polish off the bat. That would have been a l better game itself.

The ending is a little disturbing, but you well have to see that for yourself.

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