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((Sorry about the delay in replying (again). For some reason I've had trouble getting on LF.

JM: Does Matt have a weapon?))


*Aidan leaps to his feet in surprise, then drops like a stone.

The man in the white trenchcoat continues firing his blasters in a wide arc, hitting nothing but kicking up alot of sand. He doesn't seem to notice Sir-vin.

On the other side of the shimmering field, brightly colored bolts of light lance through the air from Guy's ship, still 'parked' in the water. The bolts rebound off an invisible wall before even reaching the beach.

The gray-armored being reaches Matt and barrels through his position, picking him up bodily with his free arm*

The first twin - the one carrying a morningstar - fires her gun at Hal as he vaults through the air, hitting him in a glancing blow. A charge of energy spiders through his body and starts to dull his senses even as he descends. As he does, the elf rolls just barely out of the way of his sabers descend on her. She leaps backwards, aiming her metal wand at him and chanting something incomprehensible.

As she does, she notices Alessa out of the corner of her eye and turns the wand towards her just as it fires. At such close range, the bolt of light hits Alessa before she can dodge, stunning her and knocking her back.

Immediately afterwards, a larger bolt of blue light streaks through the air and knocks the elf off her feet. K'Warra's eyes glow through the mist.

The second twin reaches Gortick*

Twin 2: I believe that's my sword you've got there. I want it back.

*A long, ropelike green form wraps around K'Warra as he approaches, then another, then another. He stops his advance.

The yellow gargoyle carrying the mobile weapons platform keeps moving, situating himself in the center of the group, unseen through the fog*


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