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((That's why I said it was a little late to be joining... I suppose it's the best entrance you can make right about now.))

Danni hesitated. "I don't know..." Her words trailed off into silence.

"Danni," Milo said quietly. "We really need his help."

"But what's his cover gonna be?" she wondered. "He has no good story for getting into Gary's house and taking his computer."

"I came up with a story that fooled Milo," Lisa offered helpfully. Milo shrugged.

"There's a problem with that," he said. "Gary has seen your work. He'd know if it was your scheme coming at him."

"I took a drama class back in high school," Danni said hesitantly. "I also have a friend who's a good writer. I think we could come up with something."

"Call your brother," Milo said. "And your friend. We'll need all the help we can get. This has to be perfect."

((Curt, I'm thinking you're Danni's friend who can write... if you don't want to be, just let me know.))

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