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The clone rifle is bassed off of the one in Star Wars Battle Front. The origional weapon is a german MG-42 machine gun used extensivly in WWII. Im thinking about reskinning it with the BF skin cause it might look better.

Also I will be making models such as a tour suv and a helicopter for Sith-J-Cull's Jurancor Park v2 map, and an at-te, spider bot, dwarf spider bot, gunship, ras, droid control ship, techno union ship, and maybe some others for his Geonosis map as well. I got about 90 of the vehicles done and I got to reskin some, so expect some neat things for thoes. And I am currently partnering with Slider, helping him with JA+ by providing saber models and holsters for his latest updates so look there too.

And some intresting supprises planned as always.

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