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(( Sooner or later, somebody here is gonna end up hating another player's character, I promise. :P ))

In fact, it wasn't just a single Roman soldier. The entire First Cohort, the best men in the Legion, had moved forward to finish the remaining Celts off. The solder had gotten a bit out of formation, and was quickly swatted in the head by the Centurion's stick o' discipline. He quickly returned to the line formation.

The Legionaries stopped a good few feet from Edward. The pulled one of there heavy Pilum from the back of there shield, leaning back slightly, they let them fly, several wisped past Edwards ears, just barely missing him, as Celt's were impaled upon the hefty throwing spears of the Legion. No Auxilia were killed surprisingly, showing the skill they had in aiming them.

The wolf, who was preparing to attack Edward however, had managed to take one to the side. With the crying yelp, it toppled over on it's side. Whimpering.

The first Cohort marched forward in perfect formation, sweeping up any straggling Celts in there path.

The battle was over, and it was a truly crushing defeat for the Blendenburg Tribe. It was there big effort to free Briton from the clutches of Rome, but it had failed miserably.

Roman soldiers quickly moved forward, picking out any worthwhile survivors, They grabbed Arthur as they did so, knocking him out with a swift hit to the side of the head with the hilt of a Gladius.

(( For future reference, guy's...Roman's didn't fight medieval style, individuals moving to fight one on one. They fought as a group, a team, a Cohort. If you saw a single Roman soldier off on his own, chances are, the battles not going well.

A Standard Legion was comprised of 10 Cohorts. These cohorts consisted each of three manipuli, which were subdivided into two centuriae, which pretty much means 'hundreds'. The centuriae had a number of contubernia, which means tentparties. The standard Centuriae had about 80 men, though the First Cohort usually had double strength Centuriae.

Each Cohort had around 400 men in them. Except the first Cohort, which was double strength, with 800 men.

Sound complex? It is, but think if you had to learn to DO all of those formations.

Speaking of formations, here are a few, just incase I need to use them in the future, so you won't be confused.




Repel Cavalry:

The Orb:

There we go.

Rome was strict in it's training, remember that. Think of how they worked, before posting about being attacked.
A note about weapons too: Legionaries, Auxilia, and well, all but cavalry men really, carried the Gladius Short Sword. Not medieval style long swords. Now, if youíre a Celt, itís okay to have a long sword, thatís the kind of sword they used, but Rome had high quality Iron, pretty much steel really, and the shorter Gladius allowed them more maneuverability within there line formations. Roman swords did not bend like Celtic ones, they were too well made. ))
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