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((BD: It's a gargoyle carrying the weapons platform.

I assume the maniacs with battle axes are illusions, and wouldn't be affected by weapons. If I'm incorrect and they would react like actual creatures, well so much the better. [If they're not illusions then they wouldn't have been able to surprise the attackers.]

By morningstar I mean spiked mace not spiked flail.))


*The gargoyle with the weapons platform opens fire. Invisible blasts of force pass through the axe-wielding maniacs - and nothing happens.

The gargoyle turns his fire on the rest of the group, targeting them as if the fog wasn't there, aiming first at Guy, Drago, Hal, Tanara, and Elaina.

K'Warra, covered with snakes, struggles, distracted.

Drago's sword embeds itself in the thick carapace of the gray-armored man's armor and sticks. The gray-armored man backhands him with his halberd-carrying arm.

Hal's thrown lightsaber impacts on the elf's neck - and glances off the gray material covering it.*

((Assuming Hal can't follow up since he's deflecting/dodging force blasts.))

Elf: Ashaneriskafilesium.

*A blast of light, a sleep spell, hits Alessa, who is already stunned. The woman drops to the ground, asleep.

Orthos' attacker puts her hand up, resisting, and is shoved back by the Force wave but manages to stay on her feet. She lowers her hand and smirks*

Twin 2: Oh no, I think it'd be much better if you came with me.

*She turns her stun blaster up to full power and fires, and keeps firing*


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