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[TSL] TSL-Painted Droid mod

Hey everybody you've seen the screenies and now the Painted Droid mod is up for download at pcgamemods.

I hope everybody enjoys it coming soon will be a webbased picture tutorial.

From the Readme:

Mod name: DK_Painted_Droids
Author: Darkkender


This mod provides an array of new and cool features.

1st: Now whenever you put on one of the default droid armors on T3, or HK-47 the armor will change the droids paint scheme.

2nd: I have included a new workbench on the Ebon Hawk that takes advantage of my own custom item create 2da file. Right now the workbench will allow you to build any of the droid armors or HK's parts to rebuild him, the first time you use it. Also if you have my [TSL]Segan Wyndh Armor v2.0, or DKGuardiansaber(lightsaber construction) mods installed you will be able to build the lightsabers or jedi armors at this workbench as well. Future releases of any of my item mods will likely take advantage of this workbench directly.


Put everything in the overide folder. This mod includes 2 files that may ask to be overwritten. They are appearance.2da and baseitems.2da. If you are using the baseitems from my [TSL]Segan Wyndh Armor v2.0 it will be safe to overwrite, if not then I would suggest adding the new lines from your other baseitems.2da file as this makes integral changes to the droid armor lines. The appearance.2da file is compatible with the following mods; New Female Player Character (2.1)--By Nequam, Hk 47 for TSL by svösh, Shiny_Mandalorians by T7Nowhere, Shiny_HK47 by a unknown author, envidas_complete_mods_1.2 by envida, and Liquids-EbonHawk-1 by LiQUiD_X. Any other Mods are to be assumed incompatible unless the author or I state otherwise.

This mod also includes a KMM file for those who use this.

Thanks goes out to the following:

Fred Tetra

Without either the tools provided by these souls or there help in the past or even there permission to use some of there material this mod would not be possible.

Special notes:

The Following files may not be reused in another mod without the express permission of myself. All other files may be changed altered or reused in any other mod without permission. There are a wide variety of textures that can be renamed and used as T3 or HK's primary texture in a game. Also any improvements to the included textures is welcomed with the exception of those listed below.


These files can be re-wrote and renamed for your own use but may not be reused in another mod without my perm

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