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Originally posted by TCC-9
Oh, Assault, right. I don't know why nobody plays it.

And no, you cannot run around the maps alone. But you can take a look through the area, also you can watch other people fight (if there are any). JA has the same option, but again I don't know how it's called (Kurgan, help me!)
You can't even run around maps alone? That seriously sucks...

What you're talking about is spectator mode. In every PC FPS game up to this point you always have had the option of walking around the maps alone to explore them, test out weapons, etc.

In JA's Siege mode, you couldn't start until you had another human on the opposite team, but we quickly discovered you could still manully spawn a bot into the game in order to explore the maps (you could also load them in another game mode for exploration purposes).

I wonder if you load a map with cheats and spawn in some NPC's.. if that's possible....

Crap, I hope the devs fix these omissions in the first patch. ; p

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