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Originally posted by INFERNOJHC
I can dare whatever I want.

Hmm, yea I think I'm not a real fan of anything , cause I'm relating fan to something like puberty and idiocy.
Nevertheless, I like watching sw movies and I'm admiring george's imagination. Got to admit I bought all sw tapes/dvds and ****. That doesn't make me fan, though (reason: see above so you won't get confused).

I find that kinda weird, because i think that most of the people in here is fan of somethin... So you're saying that you're not a SW fan... .... Is there any more people that post under the Star Wars section, that is not a fan of it! I never heard about that before, and i don't think i'll ever hear it again...

And being a fan is not idiocy! I think you should be careful about what you say in here, because for many people Star wars is not just a movie! It's a lifestyle for many people! Haven't you seen some Star Wars weddings? What would you say if you loved somethin really much, and people said that you were an idiot, because you loved it? What would you say if you had a son that was a fan of somethin? Would you say to him that he was an idiot?

Think about it... And i think you should give an apology too all those Star Wars fans you just insulted.

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