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It seems a lot of games like this don't have bot support. So that would have been something good they could have added that other do not. Given the AI in the game is pretty good as it is..

Something I was wondering about is if they could have added a MP mode where 2 to 4 guys each get a NPC squad of their own. Then try to take MP objectives working with their AI team mates. Kind of like a siege mode. It would have brought some of the SP feel of the game into the MP game. Maybe have a variation where there is 4 PCs in each squad and 1 is the leader giving orders to his squad.

I don't think anyone has done that in a game so that could have been the 1 revolutionary thing that's sets the MP is RC apart. Not a big deal, but something different.

Get to see who is the better Team Leader lol.

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