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They had tied there slaves together, into long lines. There hands were bound together by a rope, the rope extending to the person in front of them. At the front of the line a Legionnaire pulled them along. All day they would be forced to march along with the Legions.

Though even the most compassionate of the Legionaries couldn't really feel sorry for them. Every Legionnaire has to march the same distance, and also carry all of there person equipment, there armor, there shield, tent supplies just to name a few.

They were heading back to Rome. Another Legion had arrived to relieve them, and the Journey "home" would be a long one. The Auxilia had to carry there own as well, of course. Edward moved along with his contubernia, carrying there supplies. Each night they would set up a small camp, and rest, waking early in the day to continue there march. They had sailed the short ways from Briton to mainland Europe, and had been marching in Northern Gaul for a while now.

Many of the slaves had a chance to see Romanized Celts and Gallic people who’s tribes had been conquered for several generations. It was all pretty much the usual sight for the Auxilia and Legions who marched towards Rome however. The days seemed to blend together, the only difference being a slight variation in scenery. The Cavalrymen had it easy of course. They got to ride on horses…

Life in the Roman army could be much harder than slavery, but the catch was, at the end of an Auxilia’s career, they were to be granted citizenship. At the end of a Legionnaires career, they would be granted a large plot of land, and 3000 Denarii. The Legions would be paid a regular salary as well. This alone was enough to motivate many to take on this hard life. Never mind the personal glory and prestige one could gain should they rise through the ranks.

Though for the slaves, such a thing was far from there mind of course. They were to be shipped off to some rich Patrician noble, who would most likely put them to basic menial labor. The Games or the Auxilia would always be open to them, of course, should they get sick of such a life. If they survived through the harsh life of a Gladiator, they could be granted citizenship as well.

But none of these customs were known to the slaves, save Arthur maybe. They had no real idea of what awaited them, they did not even know they were on there way to Rome. The only thing they knew, was that they were no longer free people.

They had stopped at a small town in the Northern Alps to rest. The Celts here had been long since Romanized, conquered way back in the time of Caesar. Things were pretty quiet here. The slaves were put in closely guarded concentration camps at night. The Auxilia slept in decent, but hardly luxurious tents. Even the Legions slept in mediocre tent-housing. They were in the Roman Army, not on a pleasure cruise after all.
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