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I hadnt thought of that - he does speak proper english doesnt he?

Well I'll leave it how it is - but let's say he's english until i find a way around that problem.

Also, it is in England - unless it says otherwise.


Chapter 4

There was a ship in the sky above London, it was called the Illusion and it was cloaked, the only people who knew it was there where the people on the ship. It was hovering over the Houses of Parliament.
There was a large meeting that day to discuss the problem of the Power Kids, the President of America had also come to the meeting, as well as several other world leaders.
This had not been publicly announced, although it was known that the world leaders where in England, it was not announced why but there had been rumours going around as to why.
From the ship a woman was teleported inside the Parliament building and the meeting itself.
She was wearing a black full body suit with a thick white edge and she was holding a long staff in her right hand. It was made from a compound of wood and metal, it looked wooden and which had a large round clear gem placed in the top, that was bordered by the staff – this was what kept the gem in place. She had dark red eyes and deep brown hair, her skin was a darker colour than most, but she was still peach skinned.
All of the members of the meeting stood up in shock, one called security in to the room. Within seconds seven armed police guards stormed the room and every machine gun was aimed at her head. “Freeze” they cried.
“Mr Prime Minister,” she said, she had a commanding voice and quite feminine, but had no nameable accent, “my name is Maven.” One of the policemen moved around slowly to get a better aim. “I would like to offer my services to help get the so-called Power Kids. I myself have power and I also have an army, which this very minute is taking them prisoner. I can use them for my own devices if I need, but I thought you might like some help in your attempts to get them, or even their identity as your past attempts have been” she paused, “poorly designed compared to who your targets where. But, I can help you, I know them well. So, shall we do a deal?”
The president of America spoke first, “Why should we make deals with one of you, when we are trying to get rid of others?”
“You are not trying to get rid of them, you are trying to find a way to stop them, there is a large difference.”
“We will not make deals with you.” Said the Prime Minister “Now get out of here.”
“Just think about this for one second,” Maven continued “I know who they are, what powers they have, their strengths, weaknesses and where and when they will be vulnerable. So will you care to reconsider?”
There was silence in the room, the guards had moved back slightly, but each of them still had a clear shot at Maven if she did anything. The politicians were thinking, but it was the Prime Minister who spoke first.
“What’s the catch?”
Maven put her staff from her right hand into her left and spoke “The only thing I want is to stay anonymous and I’ll need a few things, like complete control of a certain school for example.” She now had a sly tint in her voice.
“Which school?” asked the Prime Minister nervous, “and for how long?”
Maven ignored the question “I will also need a suitable reward.”
“What sort of reward?” Only two people in the room were talking. The other world leaders decided that it was the Prime Minister’s country and he should be allowed to decide these sort of matters and the armed police had not moved and spoke little while in this situation.
“One hundred million.” She paused for a second “One hundred million English pounds, one hundred million American dollars and one hundred million Euros.”
All the leaders around the table started murmuring to each other, then the President of America spoke. “What do you want the money for?”
“I have my reasons. Now, stop asking questions. This is your last chance, do we have a deal or not? I’ll give you half and hour to discuss it.”
Maven held up he staff and she vanished instantly.

Max, Tara and Zamler where back to back and ready for a fight, they had their sword’s out and where ready to fight anything that came towards them. The army stood still, but they had their weapons out too.
The army was a strange mix of people. The main build of the army was Maven’s: they had purple with a white whirlwind in the centre of their chest. They all had a standard sword and only had a limited skill. They were not much of a threat when there is a small group of them, but an army this big was a tough call for the kids.
Then the Ninja Troopers where second biggest in number, they where all in black and all that could be seen were their eyes. They had double ended swords which they held in the middle, each was made by the wielder and they where trained in using it.
The worst of the army were the Wolfmen. They were men who got cursed by a warlock and got turned into six-foot tall, walking, fighting, talking wolfs. They knew well how to fight, as they were cursed after destroying the warlock’s army. They used swords, but also maces and were extremely good archers.
“So,” said Zamler, “got any ideas?”
Tara shook her head, but Max had an idea in its beginning stages. “Zam
you run through and take a swing at everyone, Tara, you take second swing and I’ll finish them off.”
“You sure it’s going to work?” asked Zamler.
“Well... No,” said Max unconvinced at his own plan, “but you got any ideas? We could each go our separate ways to fight, but then we’d get slaughtered.”
“He has a point there,” said Tara, “there are far too many, they’d get us in an instant.”
“So, what are we going to do?” asked Zamler again.
Neither Max nor Tara had any chance to answer, the battle started. The army ran towards them and so suddenly, that they had no warning and had half expected a longer wait.
The army was running at them at full speed and had not anticipated a retaliation attack planned.
The three kids had an understanding of each other’s fighting tactics, so when Zamler ran through, Tara knew what to do. She ran after Zamler and hit the people Zamler had just run past, Max ran behind and soon they had cleared a path through and found them selves surrounded by the army.
“Any more bright ideas Max?” Asked Zamler sarcastically
“You were the one who did it.” Replied Max in the same tone of voice.
“Shut up you two,” said Tara demandingly “I think we’ve got bigger problems.”
It was Lyon, he was there in person and waiting to fight them, he was the head of the Wolfmen, but he was no wolf. He had the face and body of a lion, but the shape of a man. The warlock thought that the leader of the army should be different, so due to Lyon’s name, he was a lion.
Lyon’s face was purple, his claws were long and he had thick armour with hidden surprised for those who were not expecting. He was shorter than most of his army, but he was much stronger. He had incredible power in his legs, which allowed him to jump skilfully and his arms ad even more power than his legs.
Lyon did not have many powers, but the ones he did have were very strong. His main power that he used, was lightning going into his hands, from the sky and this made Lyon stronger. The other powers were all fire based.

Magic has several types: fire, wind, electric, water and earth. These are called the Elemental Powers – the places where the powers came from. Each elemental power had powers created from that element, other powers are made, by mixing the elemental powers together – these are called the Batched Powers.
Lyon had only fire powers, although he used his powers well, he always wanted some earth powers so that he could create earthquakes or make the ground swallow his enemy. He had never succeeded in his personal quest, but had got close to an answer to create his own powers. Now he had the answer, just not the strength to complete it – but he knew who did.
Lyon was thinking of the powers he could get, but then he remembered what Maven was going to do with their prize. She was going to give them to the government and get money in return. He wondered what she needed money for? All Maven had ever said was “I have my reasons.” Lyon needed to know, what reasons were they? What could money do that power can not? These questions rushed through his head as he swung his mace.
Max dived face first to the ground, out of the way of the mace. Then he stood up and gestured to Zamler and Tara to get away.
“No, we’re staying with you.” Called Tara. She held her sword above her head with both hands and brought it down quickly onto Lyon. Tara was thrown backwards by a kick from Lyon’s left leg and she bashed into Zamler and knocked him over.
Max stood up and picked up his sword. He ran to Lyon and dodged the mace, then he jabbed his golden sword at Lyon’s chest. The sword hit, but did nothing against the thick armour.
Tara and Max stood up and picked up their swords. They both looked around them, trying to assess the situation: They were surrounded by the whole army, the army was not going to attack, but they were ready to keep the kids inside the circle. This was when Tara and Zamler both realised what was going on at exactly the same moment.
Tara yelled to Max, who was fighting Lyon. “Max, it’s a trap!”

Ponray was looking at the battle and saw her friends trapped. She had not realised what was going on in the battle, until Tara said it.
“Of course!” She shouted to herself, “Of course it’s a trap, it all fits.” She slapped her forehead as she looked at the screen. It was perfectly obvious: The army was not fighting, just keeping them in one place. Lyon had them in the position he needed to fight them in perfect ease, but he was only keeping them pinned down. And the most obvious clue of all – the ships around the Hiker Dragon were not trying to blow it up, they were keeping out of range of the guns and were only shooting when Ponray tried to move the ship. The only reason they shot the Hiker Dragon originally was to get their attention and to make them drop down the battle.
Ponray was panicking now, “What should I do?” she kept murmuring to herself. She slapped her head again.
She then had a thought, which she had forgotten about: the boards Max said about. She tapped at the computer’s control pad for several minutes.



bye all

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