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Carth sat down beside Jake, when he heard what Jake said he laphed, "That's rediculous, vampires are just fiction." Carth shifted his wieght and turned a bit to face Jake better, "Okay, I saw the guy doing something to our boss but let's not jump to the conclusion that he was eating him. It was probably some cult loonies trying to scare us, lots of people do that whole drinking blood and gothic ritual stuff. Doesn't mean they're vampires. I never saw any teath but they could easily be fake. Haven't you seen any vampire movies, fake teeth." Carth turned and looked out the window, "This is just some weird stuff but I don't believe it's vampires."

Back at the hospital, Claire winced when Ethan brushed the curtain asside and looked out the window, letting in a bit of sunlight. Ethan didn't see this though since he was facing the other direction. When Ethan returned to his bed Claire gave him a look like she was expecting him to say something, "You heard the gunshots didn't you? The men who we found were killed by gun wounds."

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