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I Love being a newbie! lol

... I just got though playing an online game that i paid a monthly subscription for after TWO YEARS; got pretty darn good at it, and then decided to move on. So here I am, cold Turkey, and the first game i buy post that game is SWB. Boy! Kinda weird knowing NOTHING again and feeling like an idiot. Did I make a mistake here? I hope not... but this game isn't user friendly that's for sure. The most challenging thing about this game for me at the moment is getting an online game which I still can't do. I keep getting the following:

"Your CD key is not authorized to play this game" ( It is not a pirate copy or illegal... I bought it on the high street)


" Version Mismatch " ( i have downloaded patch 1.2)


"Could not join session"

one of these EVERYTIME i try to join an online game.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!
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