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well of course the damn game wouldnt run on my ati card so i had to go back to my old desktop just to play the game but in terms of first impressions i really liked the first half of the game it seemed like a new and improved version of kotor so i was happy and apart from the occassional video glitches the storyline and the quests were really good

the only real problems i found was the combat ai and the swoop racing. It seems like ur support characters were dumber than the kotor characters they started standing around doin nothing when there mines around they ran straight thru them (even though there not meant to if u choose the rite stance) and also if u stock to many combat moves sometimes my exile likes to just stand there or run up and do a normal attack... man it was annoying

and of course the swoop racing problem were regardless of me crashing, beating the time or going slow i never beat the record..


when u meet all the jedi masters on dantooine (LS) the story line goes down the toliet..
the big secret was that u are a wound in the force .. "big deal.. im over it already" .. its no where near as good as "HOLY S**T im REvan HOLY S**T" .. the game went down hill from der what will all the plot holes that werent answered as well as the lack of any nemesis development leading to the end.. i mean u just rock up at telos and u find out that the guy in the masks name is nihilus barely minutes before u cut him down.. and going to malachor was a smart idea and sion seemed the only enemy which was explained properly.. but the whole ebon hawk damaged then falling then coming back up seemed stupid and the disjointed support characters really showed how rushed the gaeme was.Even kreia as the final enemy seemed pointless .. considering she just wanted to test u so that "u could be all that you could be" crap...
then when the credits started rolling i was like "oh finished u forgot to explain half the game.. but i guess it was aiight"

bottom line ..loved the game... could of been better.... should of been better.. dont rush kotor3 playing for the third time

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