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1. got it
2. Well there wasn't a question in play, so N/A for my prev post
3. No question was in play, from what I can tell.
4. You got it.

O.k. from what I can remember in my SWCCG lore (SWCCG is a fusion of canon + EU.)
Figran D'an - Kloo Horn
Doikk N'ots - Fizzz
Ickabel G'ont - Fanfer
Tedn Dahai - Fanfer
Tech Mo'r - Omni Box
Nalan Cheel - bandfill
Lirin Car'n - Kloo Horn

Bonus: The song they played at the exact instant that Skywalker and Kenobi walked in was "Mad About Me."

edit: OOPS!!! Forgot to ask a question. Thanks for the reminder.

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