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"The Grant sisters," Milo said suddenly. Danni frowned and stared at him.

"Don't get them involved," she said quietly. Milo shrugged.

"We're involving your brother," he said. "Why not Kelli and Lizza?"

"Who are they?" Lisa wondered. Danni sighed.

"Elizabeth and Kelli Grant are two girls who happen to live in a house with the most paranoid security system on the planet," she explained. "Their dad had an idea and started on it when a house robbery killed his wife. He worked himself to death on his own security system and his daughters completed it."

"Not only do they have the most paranoid security system around," Milo continued, "they can also bypass any security system. I guess it comes with being able to bypass their own."

"We could hide out there while Danni's brother and the Grants go in for Gary's computer," Lisa said thoughtfully. Milo nodded, but Danni shook her head.

"They have no connection to this mess," she objected. Milo shrugged.

"They will now," he said. "You call your writer friend now. When you're done, I'm calling the Grants."

Danni sighed and gave in. She called John's home, but there was no answer. With a sigh of irritation she tried his cell phone...

((Open ended for you, Curt.))

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