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Originally posted by jedispy
O.k. from what I can remember in my SWCCG lore (SWCCG is a fusion of canon + EU.)
Figran D'an - Kloo Horn
Doikk N'ots - Fizzz
Ickabel G'ont - Fanfer
Tedn Dahai - Fanfer
Tech Mo'r - Omni Box
Nalan Cheel - bandfill
Lirin Car'n - Kloo Horn

Bonus: The song they played at the exact instant that Skywalker and Kenobi walked in was "Mad About Me."
he rascals never cease to amaze... assigning yourselves bonuses !!

anyway, great answer jedispy, good to see another who utilises the great EU content in the olde SWCCG(Thats teh reason I collected them....never played one damn game, and wouldnt know how !!)

* * *

now, next time remember to ask a question jedispy, or say pass

so, I will ask a question, coz I like to keep things movin

Q. Force sensitive droids ? yes, sounds ridiculous, but at least a couple pop up in 2


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