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Exclamation PREVIEWS!!! of *VaS*Map

I've been working on a map and decided to post my first previews here. Orbitius has been helping me greatly with bugs and lights and fixing errors so great thanks to him. All these pictures are still of an early beta so.

Ok so you start of outside in a courtyard:

From there you go inside the main hallway:

Ok the next pictures are taking in RADIANT so you will see some unussual objects. From the main hall you can go to a smaller hallway which is unfinished:

Then you can go to 3 bedrooms which of I started 2 so far. 1 is the girl bedroom (warning its pink!!!)

And the guy bedroom:

Remembre it;s all beta's but you will get an overall view

I will also be making:

A bar
A training ground
A race track/ Flying area

Hope you guys will like it

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