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thanks! I started writing this a while ago for the sake of it - i didnt think anyone would think it was this good. Especially for a first attempt.

Also my grammer has never been that good. Also I know that English spelling and words are different at times to Americans. I don't know about grammer though.

I'm starting to catch up with where I am writing at the moment so read slowly

If it is too complicated then I'll give a quick explanation of what's been going on.


Chapter 5

Tara swung her sword at one of the Ninja Troopers and many started to disappear. Tara was fighting hard against them, but she knew what she was doing – she’d had enough practice.
Zamler and Max were fighting too, but they were mostly blocking, ducking and dodging. This was not through lack of skill, but the skill of their opponent. They were fighting Lyon.
Lyon was skilled with a sword, but deadlier with a mace, and he was using a mace now.
“You will not get away!” He said as he swung the mace at Zamler’s head. Zamler dived to the ground and tried to cut Lyon’s wrist with his sword, but he got another swing of the mace in his chest and was thrown backwards.
Max ran towards Lyon and dived under the mace. He stood up quickly and kicked Lyon’s arm, as he was swinging at Zamler. This made Lyon loose concentration for long enough for Max and Zamler to dive at him and wrestle him to the ground.
Tara heard Lyon shout in anger and she turned around to see Lyon on the ground with Max and Zamler’s swords to his throat. She laughed and then spun around again to block a sword that was about to go into her back.
She swung her sword and then blocked a mace with a shield which she could turn on and off like the armour. She parried a sword and then mustered up as much strength as she could and swung at the whole line of enemies in front of her and they are disappeared.
Suddenly Ponray came on the com channel. “I’ve got the boards ready. Where do you want them?”
“Just drop ‘em down here.” Said Max. Suddenly the boards teleported at Max’s feet and he jumped onto one.
The boards, were hoverboards: They hovered off of the ground and were the same shape as surfboards, but with a larger surface. They were a silver colour, with a dark red oval a few centimetres from the front. There was a small yellow aura underneath the board and the grass underneath was blowing in the wind.
Max and Zamler smiled and each jumped on to a board. They knew how they worked, they had used them before in Virtual Reality simulations. They put one foot behind them and one foot in front, on the red oval.
The oval had the controls in. It was confusing controlling the boards when you did not know, but it was simple: The oval had censors which, by measuring where the foot was on the oval, went forward, backwards, left, right, up, down, faster or slower. It also had guns in it, which was why they had wanted the boards so desperately for the battle.
Tara ran on to her hover board too. She started up the guns, which were underneath the board at the front, and a path soon cleared where she had been fighting just before.
The three teenagers flew through the path at around fifteen kilometres per hour. They were going to keep going until they were out of the army completely, but they had forgotten about Lyon.
Lyon had stood up again, a second after the swords went from his neck, but it had taken him longer to attack them than that. Lyon had picked up his mace when he stood up and tried to swing it around to hit his targets, but they had already started flying out before he had the mace. Lyon put his mace back in the section of his armour on his left arm and looked around to see who he should attack first.
Lyon’s armour was unique in several ways. One was the design: It was the shape of his body, but it had lion heads on his kneecaps and sharp blades on his left arm. His feet were left open, for his claws and his back had sharp, curved blades.
Lyon looked around for his first victim and then he saw they had all gone into one line, while trying to escape. He chuckled to himself. He lifted up both arms in front of him and a ball of fire suddenly appeared in his palms and quickly grew. Then Lyon bent his elbows and brought his arms slightly closer to him and the ball stopped growing. Then Lyon thrust his arms forward again and the ball of fire was released.
The ball flew towards the three kids, but luckily Zamler, who was at the back of the line, saw the flame in the reflection of his sword as he slashed at one of the wolfmen, who was trying to knock him off the board. Zamler turned his head around and saw the ball. It was about a metre across and was coming towards them quickly.
Zamler turned around again, sped up his board and shouted. “Max! Tara!”
Tara and Max looked around and saw the fire. They could not divert from the path they were going and they could not dodge it in the space they had.
“Max, Zamler” called Tara back to them, “fly over me, I’ll put it out.”
Max and Zamler did as Tara had said: They made the hover boards go higher and over Tara’s head. This was about the highest the hover boards could go. They could not fly, they used air to push themselves up from the ground. The air pressing on Tara as the boards went over her was tremendous, and she had not expected anything like it, but she recovered quickly.
Tara’s Elemental Powers were water and wind. She had a great understanding of both strengths and she also could make many Batched Powers with them. She now needed to use both Elemental Powers, but not Batched.
Tara put her right arm in front of her and her hand was in a fist, then she opened her fist and stretched her fingers. A violent gust of wind came from her hand and the ball slowed down, until she closed her hand. Then she put both hands in front of her, this time her hands were open. The same way that Lyon made the ball of fire, Tara was making a ball of water. It would hopefully fly into the flame and extinguish it. So Tara hoped.
She had little time to create the ball of water, so she strained to put all her strength into it and it grew quickly. The fire was also moving towards her. Tara had made the ball of water almost half the size of the flame, when she had no more time left. She release the water and hoped.
The water and fire balls were rolling in the air, they did not touch the ground – they were about half a metre off the grass. Despite this, try still rolled. They rolled forwards and as they were rolling, as if it was on the ground, they built up speed.
The fire had already built up speed and was now very fast, the water had just been released and was not as fast. The two balls hit each other and the water went into the ball, but did not put it out, it just went to half its size. This was still enough to harm Tara.

Max and Zamler were flying on their hover boards. Max was in front of Zamler and therefore, he was doing most of the fighting and clearing of the path.
After a minute, they got to the end of the army. They then turned around their boards and stopped them, but they were still standing on them and the boards were still hovering off the ground.
They looked around and saw the ball of fire coming towards them. They looked at each other and they were each wearing the same expression – fear.
“Let’s go!” said Max suddenly, as he flew off to the side, followed by Zamler.
They went to the side of the ball of fire, it was only a few meters, but it was enough to save them. The fire went past them and kept going.
“What happened to Tara?” Asked Zamler, with a tone of confusion in his voice.
“I don’t know – let’s find out.” Max then flew back the way they had just come down the path.
They quickly found what they had both been dreading since the ball of fire got to them. Tara was lying on the ground unconscious. She had her arms and legs sprawled out and her chest was on the ground but her face was turned looking to her left.
Max dived onto his knees to help her up, she gave no response when Max called her name. “Tara, Tara,” he said, while tears were welling up inside him. “Tara.” The only Tara did, was breath softly.
“Max,” Zamler interrupted, “where did Lyon go?” He was looking around nervously.
“I don’t know.” He said suddenly looking around, still on his knees, with Tara’s head on them. “And why isn’t the army attacking?”
“I haven’t a cl-“ Zamler was cut short by a scream down the comm channel. It was Ponray.
“Help! Help me!” She cried. It sounded like she was terrified, but not hurt. There was some interference with the channel though, so it had some crackling in the background. “They are firing at the shi –“ There was a loud crash and banging sounds that drowned out Ponray’s voice.
“We’d better get up there.” Max said quickly after the channel fell completely and there was only static on the line.
They both pushed the buttons they knew well and were about to teleport up to the Hiker Dragon (Max taking Tara too), when they heard a laugh. They knew the laugh well, it was an evil laugh. It was the sort of laugh that put a chill through your bones and made you cower in fear, the more you heard it, the worse it got. It was Maven.
She was still wearing the black suit and still had her staff. She kept laughing.
“So,” she said in her malicious tone of voice, “you thought you could beat me this time?” She laughed again. “You thought you could beat an army this big and this powerful?” She laughed again.
Max gently lay Tara back on the ground and stood up. His fists were clenched and his mind kept killing her in hundreds of different ways.
“We did think we can beat you,” he said in a much calmer voice than his feelings, “and we still do. Just maybe not now, but one day we will destroy you and your army.” He was talking with a lot of confidence and with complete control of his emotions. But his emotions were slowly bottling up inside, ready to burst.
Maven laughed again. “Such courage for such a little child.” She was playing with her staff, she was going to use it, but she needed the best possible timing.
Zamler gasped as he suddenly saw Lyon standing behind her. His mind went to a previous battle that was similar to this situation. Tara and Max were fighting Maven and Ponray and Zamler we fighting Lyon. They just got out alive.
He stepped back and Maven noticed this as a sign of weakness and decided to strike. She lifted her staff and stretched out her arm. A small brown ball flew out of the gem at the top of the staff and went into Zamler’s chest. This power was not an elemental, nor Batched Powers. This was something different. Something she was working on for a while now, something more powerful than any power used ever before.
Max immediately looked next to him at Zamler and then got hit himself.



bye all

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