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I too, had the elevator problem, but it was more like decending slower than the elevator. It works when you face down, you go as fast as the elevator, so try that.


on kashyyyk, the first wookie you see shoots a trando, however, if you shoot him before the wookie does, that trando is invincible.

Found one small bug in MP: When playing as a Trandoshan, and you take falling damage or get fragged, the grunt you make is of a Clone Trooper, rather than a Trandoshan.
I've noticed this too, and other things, such as the clone windshield wiper, but i dont think its a bug. I think lucasarts missed on that cu its not like the end of the world if a trando makes a clone "UGH". I suppose a modder could get into a speech, and replace the clone grunt with part of a trando speech, but it may link both grunts to one musc file, so then the clone could make a trando grunt. but i dunno, I dont mod Come and see my art work!
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