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Actually, it'd be nice if it was similiar to Battlefront with regards to online play and to some degree multiplayer play. DeathMatch, CTF and such gets boring and everyone has Halo 2 already. You'd think that with the concept of a Squad in RC, online play would be with a Squad and work similiar to capturing Command Posts. As it stands, the strongest point of RC is the campaign and yet you can't even play that with a friend (in Halo you can). Battlefront has issues certainly. Mainly if playing multiplayer with a friend with splitscreen the person sitting next to you can see your screen and what you're doing...vice versa as well. So if you are multiplayer at home it's you and one friend against computer gernerated forces. Halo 2 is dominating the dorms cuz 4 guys per dorm room can share one TV and X-box. That's what's killing Battlefront or will ultimately kill it, and without multiplayer Squad campaigns why buy another Halo 2 type of game for CTF, Deathmatch, etc? BTW, I'm a Battlefront addict, but only with online play. Once friends are over I have to put it away since they can't play. I really like RC campaign mode, but would love it best if I could play it with a friend or two as well.

I'm not sure what good Clans do for Deathmatch, etc. It's a small arena and all the tactics in the world won't change the chaos of a small environment.
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