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Originally posted by Kurgan
.....However as a Multiplayer game, its just an average shooter. It doesn't even come close to the deep gameplay and options of the JK series. I am speaking exclusively of the PC game here.....

.......The MP, while it can be fun, leaves a lot to be desired in today's market, and even compared to other Star Wars games.
Really? I think it's BETTER than JA by a MILE. You don't get anyone standing around treating the game like a pretty looking IRC client, the guns act and feel more real and the game feels like it's played faster than JA too. The only real letdown is the lack of options, but thats not something that can't be fixed once the source code and editor utilities get released.

I didn't like battlefront, but that's probably because I only played it on the Xbox, and I hate playing FPS's with controllers. It just doesn't feel as natural to me as a keyboard/mouse does.

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