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Exclamation !!! WARNING !!! Boot This TKing Player From Your Xbox Server On Sight

I'm going around to every SW:BF forum I can find on the net and warning my fellow players about an Xbox player named DeSpY. This player intentionally team-kills on a large scale.

Example: On 3/9 while playing on a dedicated server run by HIN(?), DeSpY finished a round with a score of -33, then proceeded to gloat about it and challenge his teammates to try and boot him, knowing that we couldn't because both voice chat and the voting system are still F-ed up in this game. As a sidenote, we lost this round by 2 points, making our loss directly attributable to DeSpY, a fact he gleefully highlighted.

I'm guessing he targets dedicated servers where there's a good chance the host won't be around to notice his TKing and boot him. But if you see him on your server, please, for the good of all mankind, boot his azz!

Thank you.

Zal Taur
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