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Originally posted by deloused
Really? I think it's BETTER than JA by a MILE. You don't get anyone standing around treating the game like a pretty looking IRC client, the guns act and feel more real and the game feels like it's played faster than JA too. The only real letdown is the lack of options, but thats not something that can't be fixed once the source code and editor utilities get released.

I didn't like battlefront, but that's probably because I only played it on the Xbox, and I hate playing FPS's with controllers. It just doesn't feel as natural to me as a keyboard/mouse does.
Well, JA/JK2 is not to blame for the "honorz" community, so that's honestly not a legit criticism of the game (rather of the MP community, of which RC's is simply too young to judge in that respect).

One might as well say that CounterStrike is a worse game than RC because there is rampant cheating. Well in that particular case it might be the game's fault because the developers didn't work harder to stop the exploits in the game.

But the makers of admin mods are to blame for the honorz community taking over, not the game itself. I suppose LucasArts should have simply forbade Raven to released the MP SDK, but then that would have also prevented many of the good mods from coming out, and shortened the game's lifespan.

As far as the speed of the game, it depends on what you mean by speed. In JA you can move a lot faster than you can in RC, unless you're like the heavy weapons character in Siege or something, where you are moving slowly. But RC lacks vehicles, force speed/rage and that sort of thing.

The gameplay might seem "Fast" but in an artificial way. For example, the MP maps in RC are supposedly all designed for AT LEAST 4-8 players (some for more). The two DM specific maps (not recycled as CTF/Assault) are rather small. They are not conducive to play with 8 people in them, because you basically spawn, and are killed in 3 seconds. The way to win is to fire your rockets and grenades down every corridor you see, thus hitting somebody as they are spawning in, and repeat. You win by luck, or by that extra few ms you might have advantage with your ping over others. To some, that might be "Speed" to others, no. I haven't memorized all the names of all the maps, so that one "treehouse looking map" (like a big wooden ship in space) is an example of a map that works poorly with 4 players. One person guards, and one person attacks. So it essentially plays like a 1 vs 1 map. The person who wins the 1 vs 1 showdown wins. What they should have done is say "Play this map ONLY with 4 players or less, and play these other maps with MORE than 4 players" rather than implying that they all worked equally well with 4-8 players and some of them worked well with even more players. In the base game you can't set more than 8 players anyway (without messing with the advanced options through the console, but I haven't gotten this to show up in the menu). The two DM specific maps seem to work best with 4 players or less, the rest are 6 or more players, IMHO, though that low gravity map is probably a 4-6 deal, it's tiny.

On the other hand, in JA people have gotten so good with the Force and such, that they can stay alive for long periods of time. In RC you have no such recourse. The weapons essentially kill you in two hits or one. Is that "faster"? Good players in JA have learned to overkill so that they can do something similar, but good players also know to avoid getting hit, so they seem immortal.

In RC, once you can see your opponent, one of you is as good as dead. So I wouldn't say the movement speed is faster, but perhaps the lack of shields and health might make it seem faster. But it's hard to judge from such a short period of time it's been out.

As for the weapons being more "realistic" I don't know what that means.

I agree with you that the gameplay is good, but it's definately not as deep as a game like JA's (when played properly, I'm not talking about some honorz JA+ mod server). The lack of options is a big problem. And while I have hope that modders will remedy some of this, it's a long shot. The people who really need to make those changes are the developers themselves, because it may take years for good gameplay feature adding mods to come out (ie: ones that are stable and balanced). I'm sure we'll get plenty of skins and DM maps in short order once the tools are out, but as to adding things like objective based play with classes, bots, etc. that could take awhile, so I'm not too hopeful. Will people's interest in the MP game last that long?

It may end up like the Elite Force games or SWBF, very few people playing it, and thus very few good mods being made for MP.

I hope not, I hope it prospers, but I'm not going to hold my breath...

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