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Originally posted by FreePizza
''multiplayer really just kind of looks like it was thrown together last minute., no offense to anyone, just really that atmosphere of RC is missing.''

Looks more like it was taken directly from Halo2, just a switch of maps, weapons and announcer voices and definitely last minute.

Halo2 has the market for DM, CTF, KOH so let it be. RC has so much more potential for online multiplayer.
Just to clear one thing up. Halo2 does't have rights to say it has the market on DM,CTF, KOH or any other mulitplayer game types. Ever hear of unreal tournament 2004? Its the be all of online mulitplayer. Halo2 is such a cop of the unreal games its not even funny and as for RC being taken directly from Halo2, its not. It uses the Unreal Engine UE2.5 the best multiplayer engine on the planet.
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