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"Alright, well I'm going to need you to write an account of everything you witnessed for the police report, I'm going to go visit your friends now. You just get some rest." Claire left the room and a doctor entered giving a pen and paper to Ethan for him to write down what had happened, the doctor left him alone to that.

Claire's partner met with her just outside Ethan's room, they wispered to one another but not loud enough that Ethan could hear. "I've sent three men after the suspects but they have fled."

"Begin a full scale search, get all our oporatives active and send out a police notice." Claire left for the hospital's basement from whence she came, her vampire scouts came with her, all except the one she had just been talking too.


Carth sat down beside Jake, "This is crazy, this is crazy. This makes no sense, we should just go to the police, they'll help us."

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