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Vik was quickly shackled, and put in line with the other slaves. His sword was indeed taken from him, and put with the others salvageable gear. A fine trophy for the General to display.

They marched on the next morning. Eventually, they passed through the narrow valley of the Alps, finally emerging closer to Rome. They marched onwards towards Italy. On the way, they saw the completely, and utterly Romanized Gallic and Celtic peoples of Cisalpine Gaul. Finally, they had reached Italy, and after a few more days marching, they stood within the boarder of the Latium. The Legion marched towards the city. The slaves had never seen such a thing before. It was truly massive, buildings towering above the tallest trees.

The huge gates slowly opened, allowing the Legions to march forward into them, in a neat line. The General rode in the Middle, on his beautiful white horse. The slaves were walked along the sides, for all to see. Perhaps to give them an idea of just who they wished to purchase. The parade was a grand splendor. As the General was rewarded with a seat on the Senate for his victory, by Imperator Hadrian himself!

That was not all however. Among others, Edward was marched up to Hadrian. All of them bowed in order. Hadrian smiled at them, congratulating them on helping the battle to be a victory. He gradually gave everyone there reward, finally coming to Edward.

“It is with great pleasure, to Award you Edward Pierce, with freedom. Not only that, but I grant you full Roman Citizenship.” The crowd cheered for Edward. “Use it well, and do Rome proud, with whatever pursuits you choose in life.” He said, smiling.

It was a truly great day, for many. But for some, it was a dark hour indeed…Roy had been sent to the Patrician Gnaeus Decimus, a man who needed a strong bodyguard, and found Roy to be perfect for the job.

Vik was sent to the Gladiatorial sponsor by the name of Marcus Quintus Publius, for use in the Game’s. He would have to go through the same Gladiator training as everybody else, despite any skills he already possessed.

Erin was sent to the somewhat vile Titus Servius, for less than…dignified purposes.

And Arthur was sent to fight in the games as well, but under a different sponsor from the one who took Vik, in fact, it was Oppius Kaeso, a long standing rival of Marcus Quintus Publius, Vik’s own sponsor.

Mixed emotions coursed through this day, but this was the way of the world, when enslaved and freed.

(( Okay, you may each make one last post IC, and then we move on to the main thread. Oh and Edward, you had the unique opportunity of being freed here, so you can join the Legion, if you want to keep fighting in battles. ))
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