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What disappointed you in SP? *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*

i do not want this topic to talk about anything technical, such as bugs and/or glitches in the game that can be fixed. instead, i want to discuss various aspects of the storyline that didn't quite 'feel right', elements you had hoped would be in the game, that sort of thing.

it's a great game, and i don't think anyone here who has played it will be bashing the SP campaign in any major way, but there's always room for improvement in anything.

for me, it was ...

when you were clearing out the 3 hangars in the ghost ship. upon arriving to the 3rd, and final, hangar, the droids are already occupying the space in overwhelming numbers. eventually, the advisor supplies you with some HEAVY weaponry, the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE), which shows up via the lift. granted, it made things a ton easier to destroy the shield generator, and to destroy the last of the droids, but i SOOOO wanted that thing to move. let me drive the thing, pulease?! not that there was, uhh, much room to maneuver. hehehe

what, if anything, disappointed you?

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