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I'm using a Sapphire X800Pro with Ati Catalyst 5.3 (recently) installed. The game, however, runs smooth most of the time. Except places like
Jek jek tar, Goto's ship, Nar shaada.

where frame rate is between 10-30...

Basically, kotor2 doesn't give any glow on my system. So I try various versions of atioglxx for glows. 4.11atioglxx doesn't give any glow for me. I dunno why. Are you using the same 4.11atioglxx downloaded from Ati website?

Mentioned in other thread, 4.3 and 4.2 atioglxx's give glow at the expense of artifacts and permanently disabled AA.

A much older version of atioglxx gave the glow without artifacts and restrictions on the graphic options. But the frame rate is HORRIBLE. At times reaching single digits.

I'm gonna give that DNA 4.11 catalyst thingy a shot...
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