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((Erg, sorry about the major posting delay, people. AGAIN. I am sucking at this lately. Stupid school/job hunting. :x

In short, Scar is right, and I think because I told him on AIM I figured I'd told everyone in the thread. My bad.

Simplistic reply since I have to leave in 15 minutes - go!))


*The twin attacking Gortick resists Sir-vin's tugging, turns and shoots at him.

The gray-armored man attempts to shake Drago off as Drago cuts at his shell. Matt's blow lands with a crack, causing the gray-armored man to freeze for the instant.

Hal finds himself under attack from the other twin's blaster as the elf fires another spell at him.

The gargoyle carrying the weapons platform blasts away at the House Guards, bombarding them with blasts of force*


((OOS: The blasts of force are meant to disable not destroy. It's like being hit by a wall, rather than a blaster bolt. It won't pierce your armor, but it'll certainly knock you over.))

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