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Originally posted by INFERNOJHC
JK is the best game of the series. MotS sucks (just like JO and JA).
The gayness of MotS continued in JO and became perfect in JA.

Wanna know why JK is the best? Cause the developers didn't get any input from a community (e.g. Luke Skywalker and Yoda). Lol.
You did almost sound like you were trolling with this post, but then he did ask for people's opinions (positive or negative).

However, you did make one mistake, Yoda. Yoda isn't anywhere in any of the DF/JK series of games. Perhaps you're thinking of user created mods?

Also I don't think the MotS team had any "input from the community" because the game started development shortly after the JK project completed. Despite our pleas for a patch to fix certain bugs, they never released one. Likewise the long-time Dedicated Servers Petition (started about the time JK came out) was also ignored. About the only thing I can think of that might have been community influenced (which could also have been done at the last minute easily) was the encryption of the mpc files to prevent (unfortunately just one type of) cheating.

Anyway, I can see this thread is going nowhere fast, so thanks for the laughs, folks!

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