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I realize we want to play SW themed games. But on a mass market scale, not just SW fans, isn't Halo 2 Deathmatch, CTF, KOH pretty much the same as RC Deathmatch, ctf, koh, etc? The more people who buy the game and play the game (especially online) the more support you'll get...or rather should expect, right? New maps out quicker and so forth, and yet if Halo2 basically equals RC for online play why would someone who's not a SW fan purchase RC? For the campaign level maybe, but even there the weakness is it's only single player so the dorm, frat house Halo2 party doesn't exist and can't exist...well, unless you put away RC and plug in Halo2. This is happening so why ignore it? Sorry to rant, just rather disappointed the multiplayer part of this game appears thrown in at the last minute as an after thought and yet the muitiplayer mode because of the theme and possibilities of RC would make multiplayer the best game out there if a little more had gone into the planning process. well, at least that's what it seems like. maybe LA has a plan.
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