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Play one of the deadliest Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy!

The "Tusken chief"
Rumors reports that he was a former Tusken Chief or was he the one who killed him and wears now his dress? Noone knows. But he is a deadly Hunter you better never meet him:

" Delta 669"
Alleged one of the last Clontroopers fully armed with deadly weapons. His favorite is the Hunter Droid able to fire auto tracking rockets following victims!:

" IG-88 Droid "
Dangerous Battledroid who likes to kill. When using his grappling hook he can overcome big barriers :

The " Geonosian "
A very disgusting guy.He use his havy modified Sonic blaster to kill his victims. HE also wears a special Disguise kit to inviltrate imperial bases.

The " Gamorrean"
Brutal and agressive! He likes the close fight with his Axe. For own protection he can use his energy shild :

Delta 669 hunterdroid at work:
Simple target the enemy and fire the rocket wich follows the target until itīs killed. In this case a imperial darktrooper_

Stay tuned. First map of the StarWars Bounty Hunter Series will be released soon!

***Special thanks to SaturnV for all his discoveries***

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